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She is Beautiful

Social media has continuously inundated our daughters with unrealistic body images. As a side effect of the Photoshop phenomenon, parents often report that raising girls with high self-esteem has become an arduous task. Confidence and self-esteem are critical components of living a happy and healthy life. But, as well all know, confidence and self-esteem do not always come naturally.

I am often asked, “How can I help my daughter have high self-esteem?” If you have asked yourself this question try following some of these tips below:

  1. Praise her for who she is aside from her appearance

Take the time to praise her when she is being kind, when she gets a good grade on a test, or even when she does something without being asked. It is important for your daughter to realize that she is more than just her outward appearance.

  1. Encourage her to advocate for herself

Teach your daughter how to stand up for what she believes in. Show her how to be assertive and respectful.

  1. Demonstrate body acceptance

Practice what you preach! Often we are our own greatest critics, but be mindful of your own negative self-talk. Whether you realize it or not, YOU are her greatest role model.

  1. Practice positive affirmations

Get into the habit of practicing positive affirmations. Each morning after your daughter wakes have her state something positive about herself while she looks in the mirror. Affirmations can be something has simple as” I will do by best today!” or “I am smart.” Focus on bother her inner beauty and outer beauty.

Practice these tips with your daughter daily and you’ll soon see her confidence and self-esteem increase!


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